During GD&TOP's guesting on Night After Night, the topic of G-Dragon being picked as the #1 overrated musician came up. When asked about it, he answered:

"It's the truth. People have never told me I was a genius or that I was good at music. When that article came out, I was glad because it was the truth."

When asked about the plagiarism accusations against Heartbreaker, he answered:

"I feel like it depends on the person. I think it's a part I have to fix, so I don't make a mistake next time. The only thing I can do as a singer is to show a better stage next time instead of writing an apology. I didn't do anything wrong, but I ignored family and friends' calls and I felt like I had done something wrong. I was depressed, and all the attacks hurt me. I wondered what made them think those things about me. But I felt like I had to move on."

Source: SportsDonga + jennyjjong @ koreaboo via BigBangUpdates