MC Tak Jae Hoon: “I heard that Lies was actually your solo track, but they decided to change it to Big Bang’s title song. They said you got so jealous, you cried.”
G-Dragon: “I was honestly disappointed. It took a long time to complete it, and then our CEO said that the song was for Big Bang. I was young at the time, so it hurt. I’m not upset about it anymore.”
T.O.P: “The song did well because we sang it. All five of us created a synergy effect. You can’t do anything about the past now, though.”
Daesung: “Lies would’ve been buried if G-Dragon sang it by himself.” (which made the studio audience laugh.)

On debuting as an idol group
G-Dragon: “I was about six years into my trainee life with Taeyang. When I heard that they were making an idol group, I was kind of disappointed. My influence from the underground hip hop scene was strong at the time, so I wanted to debut as a hip hop artist.’”

The Samgyupsal Story
T.O.P: “At the time, the six of us would go eat samgyupsal after rehearsal, but it was always Daesung and Hyun Seung that would cook the meat for the hyungs. But one day, Daesung and Hyun Seung began wondering why it was only just them that cooked the meat, and why Seungri didn’t help out. Both of them tried to come up with a plan to make him cook too, and Hyun Seung finally asked him, ‘Hey, cook some meat.’ Seungri replied, ‘I can’t cook meat.’ Daesung didn’t follow the plan and stayed quiet, leaving Hyun Seung to do all of asking. Hyun Seung got mad the more he thought about it and retorted, ‘You think we’re cooking meat because we’re good at it?’ Seungri still replied, ‘I’m really not good at it.’ The situation didn’t end there, though. They went to go buy vitamin drinks together and their emotions exploded. They both came back later and Seungri opened the door, covered half his face, and said, ‘I didn’t get hit that much!’”
[Eventually, G-Dragon and T.O.P took the role of ‘hyungs’ and reprimanded their behavior, including Daesung (who was just soundly sleeping at the time).]

T.O.P's original name was Mark?
T.O.P: (Imititating President Yang) “There’s two rappers in Big Bang, right? Jiyong will be G-Dragon, and I’ve chosen ‘Mark’ for your name. No special reason, my favorite guitarist’s name was Mark. That’s the only name I can think of.”
[He didn’t like the name, requested to have it changed, leading senior labelmate Se7en to name him T.O.P.]
T.O.P: “At first, I was embarrassed of being called T.O.P when I was just a rookie. Now, I think it’s easier to memorize.”

G-Dragon talks about the plagiarism issue
Posted earlier here.

The "roots" of G-Dragon's music
G-Dragon: “The source of my music… I think it comes from habit. CEO Yang would always make us compose a song once a week and submit it to him during our trainee days. It’s become a habit now. I listen to the experiences of other people.”
MC: How many songs have you registered in the Copyright Association:
G-Dragon: “I have about 100.”

Have you ever broken a woman’s heart?
G-Dragon: “I have, and I’ve also been hurt in return. For the most part, I think I was hurt the most, but there’s no other special reason for break ups. One time, I took a girl friend home to the wrong house.”

T.O.P winning his rookie award
T.O.P: “I was skeptical as to whether I’d receive an award while I had my hair bleached. I was honestly very embarrassed. It made me look as if I specifically bleached my hair for the event. Kang Sooyeon looked at my hair and complimented it, but then she couldn’t hide her laughter and burst out of the room.”
MC: Would you return the award then?
T.O.P: “I can’t do that, but right after winning the award, the first thing I thought was, ‘I’m so happy I won a award that you can only win once in your lifetime, but why when my hair is bleached white?!’”

Working as GD&TOP
G-Dragon: “Ever since T.O.P filmed for ‘Into the Fire,’ he doesn’t move around on stage that much. Compared to him, I fly around everywhere. It feels like he’s the uncle and I’m the nephew.”
T.O.P: “G-Dragon told me to balance the center, like with Big Bang, so that he can fly above. I thought that the concept he wanted this time was to ‘fly’. The balance has to be just right, so I figured I’d stand center while he flies around.”

Source: Various New Agencies via BigBangupdates
Translations by VitalSign @ allkpop