After choosing “Don’t Go Home” and “Baby Good Night” as their follow-up promotion tracks, the duo of GD&TOP have made a romantic transformation for their two music videos.

On January 11th, Star News was able to report from the scene of their film set and revealed that G-Dragon took the leading role for “Don’t Go Home,” while T.O.P took the leading role for “Baby Good Night.”

The two music videos, directed by Lee Kibaek of G-Dragon’s “Boy,” will have connecting story lines featuring a romantic proposal.

The main scene of the music videos is a set created to look a street from the 80s. The retro outfits such as the red leather jacket and washed out jeans G-Dragon is wearing adds to the overall effect of the street.

G-Dragon’s scene depicts him in a car asking his lover to not go home while T.O.P appears as a ‘love messenger’ in support of G-Dragon.

In T.O.P’s “Baby Good Night,” T.O.P transforms into a smooth character proposing to his lover for the first time. The pastel blue suit was meant to give a gentler image to his bleached white hair.

The two have high hopes for the two music videos, as G-Dragon revealed, “Fans will greatly enjoy it as the connection between the two are unique and features a story line similar to ‘Lie‘ and ‘Haru Haru.’”

He continued, “Our title tracks ‘High High‘ and ‘Oh Yeah‘ won first on M. Countdown and Inkigayo. I hope that ‘Knock Out’ and the rest of our title tracks manage to win first as well.”

Source: AllKPop