“What are the actual sales amounts?”

Netizens are tilting their heads and pondering about how many first albums have actually been sold.

2NE1's management, YG Entertainment, stated recently, “According to a gross amount from all the retailers, 2NE1’s album has sold about 100,000 copies in a matter of 5 days.” However, according to the Hanteo charts, only 25,300 copies have been sold as of the 16th. To this the netizens stated, “Even though YG had counted all the retailers, there is a big difference between the numbers from YG and the numbers from Hanteo charts.” Hanteo Charts states that they set the total sales amount for the album after a poll from the different malls and stores in Korea.

Some opinions about the issue included the chance of the exchanges being made on the YG e shop for the albums have not been included in the Hanteo charts. This would have been a probable opinion except that YG Entertainment had already stated that the sales made on their site will count in the Hanteo charts as well. To this, many fans commented, “Isn’t the exaggeration from YG hurting the positive imagine of 2NE1?”

Source: Nate
Translated by: YONGISM@ygladies.com