Since they have risen into the fame both in Korea and overseas market, BIGBANG has also become the center of different rumours. In the past two years, the members carried out their solo activities individually, so there have been rumours about how they do not go along with one another well and their secret love affairs, etc.

The due unit G-Dragon and TOP have shared us their thoughts about these issues in a recent interview with us.

Q: The fellow members are different from one another but they know the minds of their fellows well= that means these two members have already been aware that there would be rumours about their disagreement to each other. This question is not only applied to them but also other artists in the showbiz.

GD and TOP : Although we have different interest no matter when we are producing music or relaxing ourselves, we still know the thoughts of each other well.’ The president always says, ‘I think you guys are dodging other bands, it is not friendly enough.’ Since we do not approach others very actively in front of the camera, the third party would perceive us as not very friendly. Even to our fellow member, we would not actively express our fondness to them just like we do not always say ‘ I love you’ to our family members very actively. However, we have not changed much. We, as a two-member group now is an ideal group since more chemical effects can be given out if there are two people of different characters working together.’

Q: Beside saying you guys are not getting along well with each other, there are even rumours about the rivalry between you and your management company. Concerning their relationship with YGE, the two men also explain it to us clearly.

GD: Although we cannot be perfectly satisfied with the company but we can always resolve our conflicts with music. To us, it is the most important if the company can provide sufficient resources for us to make music. Our company is always generous in allocating resources in producing music. That’s why we do not have much dissatisfaction towards the company. It even pays attention to our ideas in promoting our songs.’

Q: How do you think about the contract conflicts between DBSK and KARA with their management companies?

GD: We are also an idol group so we do also pay attention to these issues. In fact, we do not treat them as others’ business only. We do also try to learn from their experience in case that we have to face similar problems in the future. We don’t want to accumulate a large amount of problems which can contribute to the conflicts in the future. If we do not solve our problems as soon as we discover them, there will be more problems coming up. No matter whether we are the artists or the companies, the most vital thing is we have to uphold our righteousness in dealing with the problems. ‘

TOP: This is exactly because Korean artists are becoming more and more famous in the overseas market, we have to bear more responsibility accordingly. Since I have been interviewed by the Japanese press when I was promoting ‘Into The Fire’ and a reporter asked for my opinion about the conflicts happening in KARA. It seems that Japanese think that it is a common problem which can be found among Korean artists which did make me sad. The rumours are obviously exaggerated to some extent so I hope the public can trust the artists and the artists concerned can solve the problems soon in order to carry out their activities again.

Q: Both of you do not feel good concerning the conflicts which would break out between the singers and their management companies. It seems that everytime when they have to renew the contracts, problematic situation would arise.

GD and TOP: It is not appropriate to call the contracts that the singers signed as’slave contacts’ since it is wrong to equalize singers with slaves. We detest those people who regard artists as commodities.

Q: You would keep their romantic affairs secret= G Dragon and TOP have been said to be in a relationship with a Japanese model and a famous actor respectively.

GD: (laugh) Although that rumour is fake, in fact, I do not totally dislike rumours about me falling in love. I am jealous of the Hollywood stars who can face these rumours relaxingly. According to Korean age, I am already 24 year old so it is normal for me to fall in love with someone. The love experience can be of great use to me if I have to compose songs. However, as I am an artist, I have to keep my affairs in secret. Recently, it seems that our fans have also changed their mind and support our stance. The President does not ask us about our love life but he told us if we really have a girlfriend, we have to have meals together.

Q: TOP also agrees on the practice of keeping your relationship in secret?

TOP: Yes, I will do so too. Although different people might have different ways to deal with their love affairs, I certainly will hide mine since I think it gives me confidence in keeping the relationship.

Q: How do you feel now when recalling the scandal of plagiarism when you were promoting solely in 2009?

GD: I think it is very scary to be the focus of all the people around us. I lost my confidence and did not even want to see my family members. However, when I look back now, I seem to have undergone the suffering of growing and now I know that if I have to be more mature, I have to make sacrifices. Haha.’

Translated by: rice@bigbangworld