The hairstyles of the Big Bang members changed suddenly. TOP wore a wig and G-Dragon and Seungri changed their hair color. What’s the reason?

The SBS ‘Inkigayo’ that showed on the 6th was like a Big Bang party. Seungri who is the youngest got the Mutizen song prize with his new solo album song ‘What do you Want’. This was a result he got from beating the duo GD&TOP that also competed.

On the stage on this day Seungri changed his hair style completely from programs like the recent New Year special ‘Idol King’ and G-Dragon changed from dark black to brown and TOP changed from blonde to a black wig which puzzled the Big Bang fans.

There is only one reason. It’s to hide the concept that will be newly introduced in their new album jacket and the ‘Big Show’ before their comeback. The Big Bang members are planning to refrain from public exposure after the ‘Inkigayo’ cast to focus mainly on their comeback after 2 years.

Differently from other singers, after announcing their new album on the coming 24th, Big Bang will not have their first performance in the terrestrial TV and will be coming back with ‘Big Show’ opening from the 25th to the 27th. Because of their long hiatus, the fans are craving at the maximum and they are curious about how they will have changed after all their transformations.

Source: 권지용뼈라인
Translator: Sophia (limesoda101)
Credit: limesoda101@bigbangvip, YG United, Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die via 21bangs