GD&TOP’s newest addition to their promotion cycle, “Don’t Go Home,” managed to bring out a softer and more romantic image in lieu of the duo’s ‘hardcore’ one, but the song itself is ruffling some feathers in the music industry.

After MBC banned the song twice for being too ’suggestive,’ their music video... release was also postponed to a later time despite passing reviews from KBS and SBS.

The music video had originally been scheduled for a February 1st release.

Representatives from YG Entertainment revealed that they failed to understand MBC’s decision, as they firmly believed that the song didn’t contain any suggestive material whatsoever.

The company was adamant about keeping the song intact, and even went so far as to re-submit it for another evaluation without any edits.

YG’s CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, made it clear that he would not embark on any action that would interfere with the artist’s original intent, just so the song could be broadcasted.

Ultimately, it comes down to YG’s constant strive for perfection, which also comes at the cost of financial loss, as well as disappointed fans having to deal with the constant delays.

Regardless of these setbacks, however, many are expecting YG to continue their stance.
Source: OSEN via Nate