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I guess it's safe to say that Bom is the "Pouting Queen".
And GD, recently is really fond of pouting!
Is he trying to imitate her?

Doesn't those cupcakes remind you of something?

Source: justbom

Bom making cupcakes from 'You and I' MV

Eye blinking + double peace signs ~
This is just sooooo Bom!


Recently, 2NE1 shared their ideal type of guys. Bom answered:
“I want a guy who works hard at and is good at what he does.” “It’d be great if he was in music. Like if he was in business, the music business….”

There's no doubt that G-Dragon is good (actually, he's not just good haha) at what he does.
He's like if not the best then, one of the best rappers in Korea and is definitely in the music business.
And also, when she's asked of the specific name of her ideal type she always answers "Jay-Z".
G-Dragon said that Jay-Z has a huge influence on him (or he idolizes him).

Thanks to all the Addicteds for these observations!