After 2 years and 3 months, BIGBANG has come back with their 4th mini-album. But before this, leader G-Dragon and eldest member, T.O.P, had activities as the duet group, GD&TOP.

On his experience of promoting as GD&TOP, G-Dragon said:

"HIGH HIGH is an electronic hip-hop song that represents GD&TOP's style. It showed that being on stage can be fun too. Singers, especially idols, go on stage wearing colourful clothes but are often too formal with their performances. With our performances as GD&TOP, it seems that we were closer to the audience because we just played on stage freely.
Even though I am the leader of BIGBANG when we have our group activities, I still had fun being part of GD&TOP, as it showed how other stages can be interesting too."

G-Dragon also talked on how the music of BIGBANG has changed over the years.

"'Lies' was filled with Perry's style. Then, from 'Lies', we gradually transitioned to 'Last Farewell' and tried to find our own color by combining electronic and house, which has been well-received by the public."
From 'Haru Haru' to 'Sunset Glow', we tried to focus on conveying our feelings to the audience. And then, to be able to express our own personalities further, we went on with solo activities."

Regarding BIGBANG's future plans, he said:

"After finishing our promotions in Korea, we will continue with our activities in Japan. We don't have plans of advancing to the American market yet but seeing the results of our album on Billboard, it won't be surprising if you think that we would do so."

Source: Daum
Translations by Rice@bigbangupdates