BIGBANG - 110409 Star News Interview! 
(G-dragon's answers only)

Q: ‘TONIGHT’ has sold more than 160000 copies by now and 1 month later after its release, you released a new special edition album. Why?
GD: In February, we released a new mini album and the response that we received was good. We are very thankful for it. However, it has been a long time since we became active again. Therefore, we want to show you many things that we have prepared in this album. The double title songs, ‘Stupid Liar’ and ‘Love Song’ and Daesung’s solo, ‘Baby Don’t Cry’, make it the best album to show our individuality. We have debuted for 5 years already but we think it is the best album since we tasted the fun and expectation producing it as we did at the very beginning.

Q: Why do you have double title tracks this time?
GD: We have been working with Teddy Hyung for a long time in producing ‘Love Song’. I think it can go well with spring season since the feeling of the season matches the sentiment that we want to convey in the song. It can also show you that we have been listening to a lot of foreign music, you should be able to get a refreshing feeling when you listen to BIGBANG nowadays. ‘Stupid Liar’ has a tinge of rock which is a song about a woman cheated on her man but how a man can still stay positive.

Q: Please tell us about the mini album ‘TONIGHT that you released last February. The response you got was good.
GD: It has been a long time since we worked together so when we are working, we just feel like working at home with good mood. Therefore, fans can treat us as oppas of the neighborhood rather than idols now. The great support that we received from fans towards ‘TONIGHT’ is a great encouragement to us and it has strengthened us.

Q: Without any promotion in US, ‘TONIGHT’ album has entered U.S. Billboard and also the Top 10 of World Album chart too.
GD: I feel the same too. This news made us think that there are a lot of foreigners listening to our music. And we also think that we are competing indirectly with international musicians too. It is another reason for us to work harder on our music.

Q: The passion towards music is still great. These days, when MBC airs, ‘I am a singer’, you cannot be in it unless you have passion. Have you ever watched it?
GD: Lately, I am impressed by the programme. A controversy has emerged because some contestants broke the rules which might not impress some people but it really touched me. I feel really good when I see talented senior singers come out to perform and give their best on the stage. I am impressed by singers who perform with all of their heart.

Q: It is very memorable that you announced the renewal of your contracts with YGE for another 5 years on 7th. Why did you make this decision?
GD: Youngbae and I were trainees in YG since we were studying in elementary school. To all members, YG is more than a working place but also a family. We spent most of our teenage time here. Now, we seemed to know a bit of how our president is thinking. Haha. It seems to be natural that renewal of our contracts is a big issue but it is just not the case for us because we always think that we will stay with YG no matter we have a contract with YG or not. I like the relationship that BIGBANG and other singers share and in this case, both the company and singers can grow.

Q: You have released the special edition album today. What is your future plan?
GD: On 10th, we will perform on SBS, ‘Inkigayo’ for we have released the special edition of the album. We will promote in different places to meet with our local fans.

Q: You planned to have your Japan tour in May.
GD: We will perform in Japan for about 9 times. In fact, these days are the sad days in Japan (because of the tsunami), we should have cancelled the tour and worry about our safety. However, there is a strong desire from Japan about us holding the tour according to the plan so we decided to stand up for our Japanese fans by giving them power through the shows. Last March, YG Entertainment has donated 500 million won for the relief work in Japan. We will also donate a part of our earnings from this tour for this purpose.

Q: Please tell us BIGBANG’s plan after the Japan tour.
GD: In the second half of the year, we will collaborate with the famous producers of America and Europe for our new album. However, although we can have very good collaboration, it may take time for us to communicate with each other.

Q: The last question, by now, what do you want to say to the juniors?
GD: We have so many groups nowadays and the performance given by them are not confident enough. We want them to improve on this part. There may not be very often for you to perform but I want to tell the junior idols that if chances arise, they should seize them in order to gain them more chances in the future.

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Translated by: Rice @ bigbangupdates