During the April 23rd airing of MBC "Infinity Challenge", they showed a preview of the "2011 Infinity Challenge Song Festival" (to be aired next week).

"Infinity Challenge" already held the 2007 Kangbyun Overpass Song Festival and 2009 Olympic Road Duet Song Festival before. Back then, Park Myung Soo and Jessica's "Naengmyun", Haha's "Short Kid Story" and more became popular and went on top of music charts.

The 2011 Infinity Challenge Song Festival, which is returning after 2 years, increased anticipation by previewing a sensational casting of Jung Jae Hyung, Lee Juk, Bada, PSY, 10CM, Sweet Sorrow, G-Dragon, etc.

+) Infinity Challenge PD also tweeted:

"There are a lot of people curious about this... The "2011 Infinity Challenge Dinner Show" is an occasion that will be like the Pre-Miss Korea Event where the participants will get a chance to know each other and at the same time, IC members will partner up with the musicians who will be participating~! hehe"

Credits: Daum