Perfect All-Kill! Do you feel it already? These days in the music industry, there’s a singer changing everything. With “Don’t Cry”, 2NE1′s Park Bom has earned the title Perfect All-Kill!

In 2009, after singing Lollipop CF with Big Bang, 2NE1 took 1st place on music charts. It seems like yesterday that 2NE1 debuted with Big Bang’s help, but now they have become a group that awes their fans with every song they promote. Now, Sandara Park, Park Bom, Gong Minji, CL are planning to appear on shows with singles and showcase each person’s talent. Today is the first time! 2NE1′s Park Bom’s passion is All In!


Perfect All Kill?
Perfect All-Kill is “Taking 1st place in all of the top online music charts”, a slang phrase. IU’s “Good Day” had a Perfect All-Kill record! You have to have 1st place in at least Melon, M-Net, Bugs, Doshirak, Soribada, Nate Bell-songs (ringtones), Nate-Coloring to get recognition as a Perfect All-Kill.

Riding a Dragon!
Park Bom was born on March 24th, 1984, in Seoul. She wasn’t just born, but she was born during an ultimate dragon-dream! Park Bom’s father kept dreaming this, that Bom was riding a dragon. Can anything else be expected of 2NE1′s playful member, who became a Perfect All-kill?


With Only Passion, All-In!
At a time when studying abroad was extremely popular, Park Bom wasn’t an exception. In 6th grade, she went to the United States by herself! Imagine living in a foreign land all by yourself! Park Bom graduated from high school, then enrolled in Lesley University. What major? Psychology. Doesn’t that fit well? ^^ Park Bom learned of her passion for music too late. She left Lesley even while she was doing well, without her parents knowing! She transferred to Boston’s Berkeley School of Music (Now, because she is living the life of a singer, she has special leave.) At the time, her parents were against it strongly, but now they support Park Bom more than anyone else.


The most important moment of your life. When you think you absolutely must do it, what decision would you make? Passion comes from choice and dedication!

The Dream of Being the Queen of Pop!
There are two singers that fed Bom’s love for music. Queen of Pop Mariah Carey! During lunch in high school, she listened to Mariah Carey’s song, and she fell in love with it so much to the point she wasn’t hungry even when she didn’t eat anything. It was then she decided to become a singer. If you’re a Park Bom fan, thank Mariah Carey. ^^
Beyonce. She’s called the Queen of Pop along with Mariah Carey. Park Bom set Beyonce as her role model, wanting to be like her vocal power and performance wise. She wants to dance and sing perfectly on stage, but hasn’t this already been accomplished? ^^ Indeed, a passionate person is never satisfied with average, and they never give up!


CF Star? No! Dancing and Singing!
Park Bom’s first showcase was with Anystar CF. She appeared with Lee Hyori, showing her dancing and singing skills. People thought she was Hyori #2. Even then people mistook Bom to be a dance-focused singer. But she’s 2NE1′s main vocal now, so the misunderstanding must have cleared, right? Because Park Bom is a professional singer who can give a great performance with her powerful vocals at the same time!


Park Bom auditioned for YG Entertainment 9 years ago. But 3 more years had to pass before Park Bom could be accepted in to YG Entertainment. What did she do for 3 years? She failed her auditions. Park Bom, with her passion for music, kept auditioning. And in 3 years, she finally reached her goal!

Still, still, Passion!
I left a school I was doing well in.
I knew too well that my parents were not going to accept this.
But I still wanted to become a singer.

I transferred schools, and it was there I decided to dedicate my life to singing.
I knew it wasn’t going to be easy.
But I still wanted to become a singer.

I was turned down again and again and again.
But I never thought about giving up music.
Because I still wanted to become a singer.

2NE1 had a successful debut, and I got to be a solo singer for Don’t Cry.
But even then I couldn’t stop practicing, and all I could do was set higher goals for myself.
That’s how much I wanted to be a singer.

How much do you work for your dreams? It may seem like you fail every time, and you may not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then remember this. Even though it seems like you failed, you’re already on the path to success. A person with passion in their life will one day succeed!

Translated by: kpopluvr@YGLadies