Q1: First half of 2011 is passing by fast. For GD, how were the days in the first half of 2011? And also please tell about BIGBANG’s activities.
“GD&TOP, V.I SOLO, BIGBANG COMEBACK, SPECIAL ALBUM, and also BIGBANG2 ALBUM, we showed our different colors with a lot of albums in a short time. I personally had tons of activities, my feeling is inexpressible.”

Q2: The album “BIGBANG2″ was released. What are the highlights and points for this album?
“We put together the singles that we released until now and new songs, which means we organized our activities in Japan.”

Q3: Tell us the point and climax for the new track!
“TONIGHT is a BIGBANG-like song. It’s been a long time that each of the 5 members’ personality stand out in a musical composition. Also, please observe the stage performance.”
“MS. LIAR’s point is the happy melody and fun lyrics. We used a rock rythm and instruments, and finished it to a fun song.”

Q4: It seems like there is a lot of memories stuffed in the songs of “BIGBANG2″. Which is G-Dragon’s favorite?
“LOVE SONG! It’s a bit far from BIGBANG’s music that everyone has imagined, it’s fresh. The music video is also so cool, so please check it out!!”

Q5: How do you make BIGBANG songs that are sad, happy and even move the heart of a person?
“It’s different depending on the song. But, i think that i certainly worked hard to write all songs wholeheartedly. Because I believe that the truth is absolutely understood. I try to have a talk with the members and also staff, to make songs that a lot of people would hear and admire. More than the song’s meaning or melody, the feeling is more important to make.”

Q6: In the songs TONIGHT and MS. LIAR, we could hear GD’s voice that is barking like a dog. Is it favorite lately?
“It’s a characteristic style, and also a special gesture of my own. For me, it’s a gesture that I use to let ‘音/music’ know that GD is on stage and also a device to have fun. I want to be remembered when hearing any song with that kind of ‘音/music’.”

Q7: What kind of BIGBANG will you show on the second half of 2011?
“We are also anticipating!! We are planning to work with famous composers and of course also new composers. I’m sure it’s going to be different. Everyone, please anticipate too.”

Q8: What fashion item has gotten the attention of the fashionable and popular GD? Please tell what your favorite is among the items that you purchased lately!
“Before, i liked wearing clothes with different colors that stands out. But lately i’ve been liking simple styles. And also, i collect rings and bracelets. My favorite accessory is ‘CHROME HEARTS’.”

Q9: Even fans enjoy your different hairstyles. Which is your most favorite?
“That’s a hard question… I decide on my hairstyle in that time, and match it with the song’s concept. Because of the hairstyle, there are times when i get shy when time pass by(laugh). Right now it’s pink, but i like that it’s not that much fashionable.”

Q10: Cool, or expressionless… GD shows a lot of facial expressions, but what kind of personality do you have?
“I am shy to tell my own personality(laugh). For sure, it’s the same as everyone thinks. Although it changes depending on the situation, overall i think i have a round personality. I’ll be happy if everyone think so too.”

Q11: The songs that GD wrote with the theme LOVE, are either very sad or happy. But among BIGBANG’s songs, which is the closest to your own love life?
“For example, the song called ‘WHAT IS RIGHT’ (I’m sorry if it’s a korean song). I wrote the song around the year when i was still growing and didn’t know what is right in Love. I think that’s how it is like. Although i can’t find the right answer, what i always feel is that Love is a very hard thing.”

Q12: Is there an event that GD enjoyed recently? Please tell things that made you laugh so hard and so!
“Recently, i went to a beautiful island in Korea called Jeju. It was really fun and also became a good memory, so i want to go again.”

Q14: Please tell your message to fans Japanese fans!
“I’m really thankful for you always supporting. Although we weren’t together in those sad times, I’m hoping for good things to happen as soon as possible. I’ll be happy if BIGBANG’s concert becomes a good memory for everyone. And i also hope your love for BIGBANG won’t change.”

Source: junon magazine scan
Translated: Rashel @ ibigbang.wordpress.com