"Where is Bom Park?" -GD @ 4:25

GD-Bom convo starts @ 0:38

BOM: They told us to each find a way to seize the right atmosphere for the opening.
GD: This is a little embarrassing, normally it's TOP *hyung who says it.
BOM: What is it? Just say it and let me hear.
GD: TOP *hyung always said "Let's! Die! Together!"
BOM: You think it's okay if a girl screams that?
GD: Well, I suppose not. 

(T/N: * "Hyung" is like "brother" in Korean. Word used by boys to address older men.)

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Translations by: 蒂娜是什么能吃吗@ weibo + celestetm + Huisuyoon @twitter