During EP7 of 2NE1TV S1, 2NE1 and Yanggaeng were waiting for G-Dragon's arrival at 2NE1's dorm. Later, Yanggaeng received a phone call and it was G-Dragon asking them to go to his house so they set off.

Initially at the dorm, Yanggaeng who had already arrived was talking to Minzy and that person on the side should not be Bom.

Yanggaeng and Jiyong talk over the phone and Yanggaeng lets CL know that they're going to Jiyong's house.

At Jiyong's house, Dara appears and is in charge of pressing the door bell. Jiyong's mother opens the door but quickly runs off.

The door is open, doesn't that pair of shoes look familiar? Don't they look like the pair Bom wore on the first day at their dorm? We're not too sure as the photo is not HD and it might not be identical.

CL and Minzy take off their shoes.

Next scene, they're already at Jiyong's room door and Bom finally appears, she's in charge of opening the door to Jiyong's room.

After some play time with Gaho, the bedroom slippers appear! Everyone knows this pair of slippers right? 2NE1 chose their pairs when they first entered their dorm, and at that time, Bom chose the green pair and in this episode, CL even said "Unnie, you even wore this in here?" and the "here" CL is referring to is Jiyong's bedroom. Later on, everyone pointed out that Bom uses that pair of slippers in the bathroom.

What I don't get is: everyone knows that when Koreans visit other people's homes, taking off your shoes and entering is a form of respect and to also maintain the cleanliness in one's home and they are used to wearing bedroom slippers. Why is it that when everyone had taken off their shoes, Bom still had her own pair of slippers to use in the house? If she was wearing it when 2NE1 went to Jiyong's house and just didn't take off her shoes, then wearing a pair of bedroom slippers that was used on the streets, in someone's home is pointless?

The following is the feet of the people who were present.


Jiyong's slippers and Dara's bare feet:




Those slippers were spotted in EP4 and EP7 for mere seconds.

But ever since that episode, until 2NE1 moved to their new dorm,
we never saw Bom wearing that pair of slippers anymore.
Did she leave it at Jiyong's house? Or throw it away after using it on the streets?

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Observation and Caps by: PhoebeJai@G-BOM Baidu Bar
Translated by: OMONAclaudia@twitter