Of course as we all know G-Dragon's part in the song, he sings, about a lady. "I-I-I-I-I-I like it babe- You you you you come be my lady." So who exactly is this lady seem to be?

Wel of course as an ADDICTED, we will have our delusional thoughts about this with a little bit of evidence! So here is the observation, back in 2006 when Big Bang's album came out where 'We Belong Together' & 'Forever With You' was in, G-Dragon gave his thanks to his lady, and that is exactly as he wrote it..

"ma lady Miss Park Bom"
"ma lady 박봄양"

G-Dragon seems to always talk about a lady in his songs, and there you have it, I think us ADDICTEDS can think/be delusional, and think it's Park Bom! Because G-Dragon even said it himself! That Park Bom is HIS LADY!