At the beginning of both MV's you'll see GD and Bom and some snow flakes effects.

Checkout how Bom totally looked like the girl in Butterfly MV with her hairstyle, sweet smile, and cute eyes!

Star symbolizes G-Bom since they're both often seen wearing accessories or clothes with Star.
And omo both ceiling on the MVs had stars and were also zoomed in!


Notice how both kiss on Butterfly and You and I MV weren't done 100%
I mean, on the You and I MV the kiss was just shown until 3seconds before their lips met then it was cut.
While on Butterfly MV, it was all just a silhouette of GD and the girl.

I think what the Thai Addicteds were trying to show here was that the bouquet is the counterpart of the red tie.

Remember in We Belong Together MV? GD grabbed Bom's hand and ran away~

The scooter was red and so was the phoenix. Both flew up in the clouds and both the couple looked down.

The setting was totally the same plus the silhouette effect.

Both of them been dreaming..

Bunny symbolizes Bom (known from the Fire MV Space Version) and the Star was a symbol of Big Bang/G-Dragon.

Credits: Thai