This is pretty self-explanatory~


Both showing "skinship" with their partners in the MV.

Holding hands, showing of rings?

Self-explanatory as well.

The scene when both male lead left them, they were waiting for their return.

And when they went back..

Same hand gesture, the girl in Butterfly MV was shocked with the glow of GD while Bom (her hand) was glowing.

The butterflies in the Butterfly MV formed a Christmas tree shape XD

Both hands were feeling the grass (or whatever you call it)

Same setting again, the color green was dominant.

When both male lead were gone, both female lead were in the same pose.

The ending scene..

Do you guys know who were the directors of Butterfly MV and You and I MV?
If you do, please answer by leaving a comment or posting in our chatbox. THANKS.

Credits: Thai