It's the time to say good-bye to the last year and welcome the new year for new beginnings. And GBAA (G-Bom Addicteds Awards) is a way for us to remember and recognize the special G-BOM moments of the year, and not only that but to give recognition to the dedicated ADDICTEDS in our community who have done such a great job in spreading the love for G-BOM. Without the fans, our ADDICTEDS family will not be as great and big as it is right now. We want you to join us in this special event, whether you're a new ADDICTED and just found out about them yesterday, or whether you have been shipping and loving this two since 'We Belong Together' time!


So you might wonder:

What is GBAA: It stands for G-Bom ADDICTEDS Awards. It's a special event that we will try to do yearly that started last year at YGLadies forum. It is where ADDICTEDS will get to vote/nominate special ADDICTEDS for different awards. Along with the awards, it is a time for us to celebrate and share G-Bom goodies such as artwork, fanfics, gifs and or observation, or anything! We also try to play some games when we can. It's a place for ADDICTEDS to get closer and come together as a whole and get to know each other as we spazz about G-Bom!

When will it be held: Submission of entries and nominations starts today (January 2, 2010) until January 21,2010 7PM KST

How to submit entries and other nominations: Simply fill up the form which you'll find in our GBAA thread and please do follow the requirements.

Where will it be held: All nominations shall be posted in the G-Bom Addiction Forum

Who are invited: Every Addicteds are invited! As long as you are a member in our G-Bom Forum, G-BOM YGL thread, or G-Bom Facebook Fanpage then you are allowed to nominate.

Will there be prizes for winners: Of course, but ONLY digital prizes like virtual exposure and signatures and banner. NO CASH PRIZE!

-The Admin