G-Dragon: I Wonder Why It’s Just Me Who Is Rumored With Kiko

Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon, is wondering why there are rumors about him and Japanese model and actress, Mizuhara Kiko.

G-Dragon had an interview with E-Daily SPN where he said, “Kiko is friends with all Big Bang members, not just me,” denying the rules with Mizuhara Kiko.

Rumors about G-Dragon and Mizuhara Kiko surfaced around August of last year, when he and Big Bang were promoting in Japan. Even though YG Entertainment officials, Big Bang’s entertainment agency, has denied the rumors about the two of them already, the rumors are still attracting attention.

This is the first time taht G-Dragon has spoken to directly deny this. G-Dragon said, “Kiko was introduced to the members by the president of a Japan agency, and we have gone to eat meals together several times,” he continued, when asked about how the rumors about them being in a relationship started, “I have called several model friends, to go shopping together when I got more interested in clothes. That must have been the cause of the misunderstanding,” he speculated.

Sitting next to him, TOP said, “Kiko befriended me the most actually,” he revealed.

Source: News.Nate.com
Translated by: knucklepink@DaragonHideout.com