A month ago, Toni made a poll about "What is your favorite G-BOM moment?"
The Addicteds have spoken! The all-time favorite moment was when
G-Dragon said he's addicted to Park Bom with (47%) 89 votes!

Here is the result of the poll:

G-Dragon Says He's ADDICTED to Bommie!
89 (47%)
G-Dragon Says Bom is His Girlfriend
53 (28%)
Bom and G-Dragon Talking at 2NE1&BB Photoshoot
6 (3%)
G-BOM at MAMA 2009 (GD Whispers in her ear)
38 (20%)
OTHER! Comment in chatbox your own!
3 (1%)

Ofcourse!! That's the ORIGIN of the "Addicteds" :D
And who could resist Bom's aegyo, right?
She's so attractive and funny that she made the "Most Wanted Boyfriend In Korea"
announce on national TV that he's addicted to her <3

Thank you to all the 189 Addicteds who participated in our poll!
We're looking to your participation again in our new poll about
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