G-Dragon, the leader of Big Bang (Kwon jiyong, 23) is a national icon of Korea popular culture. Rather than looking like other singers who sing and dance on the stage, he 'plays'. He dances to speak for himself on the stage.

He is also a very distinctive composer for he wrote 'Lies' for BIGBANG and has been participating in the production of their albums which have gained great acclaim in the nation. Many music critics and famous musicians praised him as one of the future most successful singer-composer. For he delivers great style in music and fashion, he always creates trends among the generation. Shimmering with talent and self consciousness, He is just different from an 'idol' singer .

At the end of last year.he released a Duet album 'GDTOP'. His charisma can be seen in songs like 'High High' ,'Knock Out' and 'Oh Yeah' and his lovely side can be felt in songs like 'Don't go home'.

"I have helped writing the rap lyrics and melody. I want to have fun in producing the album and hope through this album, people can feel love." full of confidence and passion, the 23-year-old G-Dragon is going to tell the story of his own.

On the day we met him, we discovered that he is such a shy teenager when he walked down from the stage which is contrary to what we expected. After exchanging greetings, he always bit his lower lip with his upper teeth which was the technique he used to try hiding his embarrassment. However, once we started talking music, his eyes started to shine and he became a very good orator.

R: The 'long time' hard work and suffering are tolerable to you?
A: Meanwhile,many people praised my work but I still have to learn to face and digest criticisms. When it was in the past, I did feel hurt when I was critised'.

R: Since the debut in 2006, BIGBANG has been the centre of the music industry but early last year, you were said to have plagiarised a song from other artists and your solo concert was said to contain sexual elements.
How did you overcome such a torturing time?
A: 'Different people have different comments of me on the stage. It is the fate of a singer. But when it comes to me, it does not really mean a lot. I am responsible to my performances but I don't want to debate with others in words since music will speak for me eventually if I make good music out there.'

R: It seems like your belief is similar to that of a Buddhist. (nirvana: a term in Buddhism which means getting freedom from the endless cycle of personal reincarnations.)

R: You are now 23 years old. If you have to pick a song which resembles your life most. Which one would it be?
A: I think it would be 'High High' as it reminds me when I once stand on the stage, the stage does not belong to me.I will 'play' on the stage for you. Roo'ra had been dancing on the stage as a kid too which I can never forget until now.

(He was 7 when Roo'ra was a popular group and he debuted on TV in a programme called 'Little Roo'ra' as a dancer . After that, he entered YG to be a trainee.)
(Translator's note: Roora was a very popular Korea Hip Hop group)
R:People praise your musical talents and have high expectations on you.
A:Some people say I am a 'genius' which I would regard as a misunderstanding. I am uncomfortable with such kind of attention and I think it is a burden too. I think I am lucky to have the chance to find the own way of my music. I do not know many other friends who have such kind of opportunities.

R: BIGBANG is going to return to the showbiz in February.
A: We can expect a bigger and better appearance of BIGBANG. We will deliver you the kind of rock music with a touch of nature. After 'Sunset Glow', we hope to be more mature and we want the music to be suitable for men to sing while they want to capture the hearts of the women. I want to deliver the right kind of BIGBANG music to you.

R: Haven't you already showed us all of your own kind of music?
A: Not yet.Luckily, everything went well when we were promoting in the past but success is not something which will pop up every now and then. The expectation on us is very important.

R: What are the difficulties that you have encountered when you have chosen to be a celebrity?
A: I will not eat in very popular places. Even if I know some places which offer delicious food, I cannot go there. I am sad about it.

Source: Khan news
Translated and Edited: Rice+Est@BigbangWORLD
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