G-Dragon who has one been labelled as picky and arrogant is actually a 'humble & polite idol'. On the 7th of February, a website has showed... video of G-Dragon bowing 90 degrees to the people around him in order to greet them.

The fans showed great reponses to them since those are the videos shot by the fans, the quality is not so good. However, we can still spot that after the shooting of TV programme, G-Dragon is the 1st one to 'bow to greet' others and noted that at that time, he was carrying out his solo activities.

After all of the shooting was over and the announcement of the 1st place of a music chart, all of the featured artists had to be one the stage once again. And at that time, G-Dragon seemed to be not knowing that he could stand straightly for he was greeting others like a robot, especially when he finished the shooting of SBS 'Strong Heart', G-Dragon had at least bowed 30 times to all the directions which really surprised the netizens.

Source: nate via bbvips
Translated and Edit: Rice+Est@BigbangWORLD
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