Cr. Twiddlebug ajhumma

It's been over a year and yet, G-Dragon is still at it!
He again, imitates Bom's "Don't touch my.."
Notice how he really copied the Bom's voice, tone, and finger movement!


They were filming in Vegas for Tonight's MV.
Starts at around 01:50 mark of the video:

Rough translations of GD's part 1:44-1:53
He says that the music video set is a collection of Las Vagas signs and that the staff said that they weren't allowed to touch them. Then he says, "Don't touch my.. ganpan(sign)!"

Remember he imitated Bom's "Eeh?" all the way to Japan in 2009.
He must be really missing Bom whenever he goes abroad, ne?

Rough trans by: Ji Hyun@gbomsince2006
Video source: realgilbakk@YouTube
Caps by: G-BOM Baidu