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Since they all gathered for Nikon events, we always spot sweet && cute G-BOM moments.
Here's how the conversation went:

Seungri: I'm disappointed with Dara-ssi because she's quiet now.
Dara: Because im nervous..
Bom: She's nervous because she is surrounded by our sunbaes.
Seungri: You should have used a more appropriate word. Let's talk later I'm disappointed in you too.
G-Dragon: Just think of your own interviews! *jokingly*

T/N: Sunbae = Senior. Seungri said Bom should've used a more appropriate word because she expressed the word "nervous" in slang (informal). She used "jjola" instead of "ginjang"

Here are some GIFS and caps:

GD's reaction is just <3

LOL cutely hitting Seungri

Aww at his smile :D

You can watch it here, at around 1:40-2:03 part of the video:

Video re-uploaded by: bananatoink@Twitter

Video with English subtitles now available:
Credits: Royal Ace Subs

Translated by: muselv11 + Ji Hyun @gbomsince2006
GIFs by: Twiddlebug@gbomsince2006