Girl group, Girls Day, recently released their newest MV, Twinkle Twinkle. The MV and song are well received among the online community, but there is something that is quickly grabbing the attention of the viewers.

Many viewers are saying that Girls Day member, Minah, bares a resemblance to Big Bang member G-Dragon. Online viewers of the video are saying whenever Minah smiles or smirks, she looks almost like GD.

"I’ve been a VIP for so long that the resemblance is uncanny"
"Every time i look at minah…i think of GD! GOSH! that’s disturbing me XD"
"Ah, I see. She got that smirk like GD lol"
Watch the Twinkle Twinkle MV and judge for yourself. Do you think Minah looks like G-Dragon?

Source: hellokpop