Big Bang’s charismatic leader, G-Dragon, revealed a story about how he once flashed his chest in public.

GD appeared with Seungri for the March 1st episode of SBS’s “Strong Heart“, and the maknae told a shocking story about how GD’s chest was once exposed. Seungri explained,
“GD is very popular with the girls at clubs. One summer night, he went to the club wearing a sleeveless shirt. He was sweating a bit because he was dancing, and he was sitting directly under the lights“.

GD then caught the baton from Seungri and continued, “People are like that sometimes. Time to time, they want people to recognize who they are. I wanted to see people talk about me so I deliberately sat on a sofa in a place that could be easily seen“.

However, things didn’t go exactly as planned, as GD’s sleeveless shirt caused a big problem for him. His shirt got shifted by the sweat and it exposed his chest. GD explained, “The shirt kept moving inch by inch. My whole chest was exposed,” cracking up the audience with his embarrassing story.

(Irrelevant parts omitted)
Source: via Nate and Nate
Translated by: AllKPop