wussup guys! ♠♠♠
finally i met my ladies >.<
i’m so happy! ♡.∩▂∩
i didnt go to the airport bcos lots of ppl there ytd
so i was waiting at the hotel, not for long time :)
after Khun (2pm) arrived then 2ne1
CL, i do love her charisma. she’s so cool!
Minji, i think my little girl is so sleepy, kkk XD
Dara, she never make me fail, Smile all time.
BOM, aigoo my lovely BOM, she’s really cute! wave her hands to us all time!
but i wonder that y dara unnie clapped her hands when she was in the lift?
and she laughed too hahaha and bommie laughed also.
maybe bcos i shout ” 옥수수 봄! “ ᄏᄏᄏ
btw, im so sorry, it’s not pretty clear
my hands were shaked cos im so excited!

Ferny also posted the fancam of her seeing 2NE1 as they arrive in their hotel.

Source: iamferny@Tumblr