It was just recently when BB's guesting on Come To Play aired on MBC.
G-Dragon imitated Seungri's "Oooh~!" in his solo song before entitled, "Strong Baby".

Seungri actually sang something like "Ooohh ohhh~!"
But when G-Dragon imitated it, he did "Huuuuuuuul~!"

Then right after it, Seungri whispered on G-Dragon's ear.
Could it be he said that "Hyung, you did it the other way" lol
Thank you so much to the Addicted who let me know that Seungri whispered to GD to suggest him of what other imitation he could do. ^___^

You can watch this starting 0:09 mark of the video
Credits: annyeong01@Youtube

This happening reminded me of Seungri imitating G-Dragon's style of rapping.
Because in there, when Seungri imitated GD, he did "the sign", and now that it's his turn to imitate Seungri, he did Bom's "Hul~!"

This so cute, G-Ri and G-Bom in one.
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