GD&TOP, Seeya, Lee Hyun, and a slew of other popular artists have been judged as harmful media to the youth.

On March 29th, the Commission on Youth Protection was reported to have judged GD&TOP’s “Intro,” “Don’t Go Home,” and “What Do You Want Me to Do?” to be harmful media to the youth due to their provocative lyrics and use of slang.

The CYP also criticized Lee Hyun’s “Curse“, Beige’s “I Can’t Drink“, Navi’s “Today, I Am“, andSeeya’s “Heels” and “I Still Like You” for their ‘harmful content’ in the lyrics.

Hip hop artists weren’t spared either, as Dok2’s “21st Century Traveler,” “Hip Hop,” and “I Won’t Lose,” failed to make the cut, alongside various songs by Mighty Mouth and G-Masta for their use of slang.

Songs that have been deemed as harmful media will need a mark on the album product that states it as such, and cannot be sold to minors under the age of 19. Should they not comply, the producers, distributors, and sellers will be fined. The aforementioned songs also cannot be aired before 10 PM.

This judgment has gone in effect as of April 5th.

Source: Star News via NateTranslated by: VITALSIGN@AllKpop