Their appearance is like the glue that sticks their members together, creates a perfect group.

Usually, in a group always has one or two stars are more popular than the other members and attracts more fans. But that does not mean these stars become the center of the group. And sometimes,
there are some members that we feel they are very normal, but their talent is winning other people’s hearts and received much admire, loves from the rest of the group members. Maybe, they are the one that can’t be missed in a girl band.

Let’s discover those KPOP stars that can win many hearts!

1. Park Bom of 2NE1:

Sandara Park (left) and Park Bom

In 2NE1, who always attracts the most attention from fans is Sandara Park, for the media, Dara is their sweetheart. However, when talking about their success, Park Bom is the pillar of the group. Through the other members’s opinion, Park Bom is a kind sister, she always cares for her younger sisters and brothers and she does many things to help other people, too. That’s why her beloved sisters call her with a really nice name - "a kind unni" (unni = older sister).

2. SNSD's Taeyeon
3.F(x)'s Sulli
4. Brown-Eyed Girls' Gain and Narsha
5. Kara's Han Seung Yeon
6. Rainbow's Jo Hyun Young
7. Secret's Jun Hyo Sung
8. After School's Kahi
9. Sistar's Bora
10. Miss A's Suzy

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Source: teen9x
Translated by: keytee_em@gbomsince2006