This time around, MTV K chose the top 10 sexiest female idols through extensive research (we had Brown Eyed Girls’ “Abracadabra” on repeat), collection of scientific data (how many more photoshoots did one idol do?) and …..yea, just kidding! It’s impossible to not recognize these female idols’ sexy charisma immediately — they dominate the stage and every photoshoot they come across.

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10. Rainbow's Jae Kyung
9. Brown-Eyed Girls' Ga-In
8. Wonder Girls' Yubin
7. BoA

Cr. Newsen

Park Bom gives 2NE1‘s hip-hop/R&B/pop image a sexy edge…especially on stage. Her trademarks include her long hair, thick eyeliner and micro skirts. Even though there were a few controversial articles about the length of her dresses, mini-dresses are always a plus!

5. 4Minute's HyunA
4. Afterschool's Kahi
3. G.Na
2. Girl's Generation's Yuri
1. Lee Hyori

Source: MTV Korea