After all the speculations about Dara's mysterious me2day updates, this is it!
Park Bom is having another solo song!!! ~

On April 21st, Park Bom’s solo, “PLEASE DON’T CRY” will be released as a digital single.
This is her second single after “YOU & I” And “Please Don’t Cry” is an R&B Dance song with a fast tempo, and a house beat that matches the piano melody well. The song was composed by Teddy, who is responsible for the birth of 2NE1′s representative hit songs. (The music video will be released on 12AM on the 21st)
Unfortunately, we do not have plans to promote Park Bom’s solo song on music shows however we’re planning to extend 2NE1′s promotions aggressively until the end of August.. (The Japanese debut is planned for September)
What about these active and aggressive promotions?
Different from the last mini album, through which we introduced the triple title songs, Can’t Nobody, Go Away and Clap Your Hands, ….. and then proceeded to follow up with “It Hurts”
This time, every 3 weeks, one by one, 2NE1′s new songs will be released in order,
This opportunity be able to plan dispersed promotions
Was due to our satisfaction with the newly completed 2NE1 songs being higher than ever
We intend to promote all 6 songs of the mini album as title songs.
2NE1 TV Season 3 Production
Along with 2NE1′s new promotions, another great interest of all the fans is the production of ’2NE1 TV Season 3′.
WIth the plans to film Season 3 with the 2NE1 TV Season 1 director, Choi PD, the broadcast date for Season 3 is planned for the beginning of June.
In order to create higher viewership than ever, we are currently planning to structure the broadcasts a bit more.
2NE1′s First Solo Concert
We plan to host 2NE1′s first individual concert at the end of this August.
We have already scouted out the venue, and with 2NE1′s existing songs
And as well as the 6 songs that will be released, it seems like we will have a more fun and fruitful concert.
We hope that many fans will support and anticipate….
2NE1′s new music in addition to their lively promotions.
Thank you.
11.04.18 From YG

Source: YG-Life

Park Bom shares a kiss with actor Kim Youngkwang in her new solo M/V
Girl group 2NE1′s Park Bom shows excellent teamwork with the rookie actor Kim Youngkwang for the music video of her second solo song.
At the end of March, Park Bom had been filming in a studio in secret located in Kyungkido for her solo song music video. As the heroine of the music video, she displayed excellent teamwork with the actor Kim Young Kwang on this day, who originated as a model.
Kim Youngkwang was born in 1987 and debuted as a model. Afterwards, he appeared in KBS2TV “Please take care of that miss”, MBC sitcom, “More charming by the day”, and his latest work KBS 2TV “White Christmas” as an actor and is currently admidst busy promotions.
Meanwhile, starting with Park Bom’s solo song release, every 3 weeks, 2NE1 will be releasing a new song, and all 6 songs will be promoted as title songs.
Source: Nate

Both news translated by: GEE@YGLadies


How about we trend #BOMPLSDONTCRY in Twitter on April21 12AM KST? ^___^