It’s said that the pop singer Seo In Young and 2ne1′s Park Bom look similar.

Recently, in an online community, some fans upload the pictures which Seo In Young posted on her minihompy on the 11th of February which they compared with Park Bom’s photos.

In the pictures,they have similar lips, hairstyle, and eye make-up. Although they look so different on the other pictures ,only in these photos which were posted recently shows their resemblance. The two girls are both born on 1984 and both looking young which are envied by fans.

Fans who saw the pictures left comments and said, “They really look similar.”, “Who is Bom, who is Inyoung?”, “Their lips look so similar.”.

Source: Newsen
Translated by: omicky@justbom
Edited by: nikaistar@welovebom