The eagle-eyed Chinese Addicteds noticed one thing, I'm sure most of us didn't notice!

You see the white beanie on Bom's lap?

Then the part got cut and suddenly GD was already wearing the beanie!

Too bad after it, it got cut already. No shot of Bom where we can see that she was no longer holding the beanie.Anyway, here is the better/edited version of the caps:

Baidu people said that the beanie was like girlish, notice the beanie had the small ball design on top? Remember Bom is fond of those kinds of beanies?

So did GD borrow her beanie? Or was Bom just holding GD's beanie? Ke ke ^^

Is it just me or GD and Daesung are supposed to share one paper stand (or whatever you call it) but look at GD. He is holding his paper, his chair is a little far from Bae and a little closer to Bom's plus he's body is leaning towards her! Do you guys also notice that? :)

Caps by: janexy + melomino @G-BOM Baidu