Childhood pictures of Big Bang’s G-Dragon have been revealed.

On May 20th, an internet portal site uploaded pictures under the title,
“G-Dragon’s appearance during his childhood, only his body grew”. Even though he is much younger in the picture, viewers were able to quickly recognize G-Dragon because of the remarkable similarity to his current appearance. His bright impression and intense glare, even as a child, drew much attention.

Netizens commented, “It really does look like only his body grew”, “Still, when he was young, he had baby fat”, and “He looks like he was really bright.”

In 2001, before debuting as Big Bang, 13-year-old G-Dragon participated in an album called “2001 Korean Hip Hop Flex” under the name ‘Hip Hop Shindong’.

Source: Ilgan Sports via NateTranslated by: phenom@AllKPop