The 5-member idol group, BIGBANG’ s leader, Gdragon has talked about the status of his body directly to the fans in order to reassure them.

G Dragon is now having the Japan tour with other members of BIGBANG. However, during the concert that they held in Chiba on 14th, his leg was injured but Gdragon has demonstrated his fighting spirit, he kept on completing his scheduled concert on 15th.

After the day of the performance, G-Dragon told Star News, "It is not a serious injury and you do not have to worry too much." He further elaborated, "The condition of my body now is really okay, so please have a light heart about it." He said it with a cheerful voice and continued, "There are even no difficulties for me to move around. In the future, we will show you the best in the remaining Japan concerts."

Previously, after watching the concert of BIGBANG on 16th, the PD of the MBC programme, ‘Infinity Challenge’ tweeted, ‘Today, GD (GDragon) got a small cast on his right feet but their concert was still the best.He is really my inspiration.’

In the mean time, BIGBANG has kicked off their Japan tour by performing in Osaka on 10th and 11th and Chiba from 13th to 15th. In Chiba, they have held three concerts in Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall, there have been as many as 50000 audiences who have gone there to watch the shows. The popularity of BIGBANG in Japan can be said is even higher than their domestic country. Their Japan tour will continue from 17th to 19th in Nagoya.

Source: Daum via Soompi
Translated by: Rice@bigbangupdates