One day, Park Bom took a hanger and said “I am Bom-hanger.” But then Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon said, “This hanger is so heavy! I must throw it out!” This was to tease Bom. Bom got angry and got her revenge by saying, “Why’s this hanger so light? I’ll have to throw it out!” (A/N: referring to GD-hanger). The two teased each other this way.

When Bom was a trainee she got homesick. One day she skipped practice and hid in the boy’s practice room. However, GD saw this and tattle-tailed on Bom to the trainee teacher. After this incident, every time GD and Bom meet, they bicker and fight.

When Big Bang’s GD did his hairstlye, which looked like a duck, Bom would always hold it and shake it.

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Source: Daum
Translated by: Jewelie@WeLoveBom