People say that you can tell a persons feeling through his gestures/mannerisms when talking.
Have you observed GD whenever he talks about Bommie? ^__^

2NE1tv Season1 2009
G-Dragon talks about the time he heard Bom's voice for the first time.
He kept rubbing his neck and looking elsewhere/on the ground.

"When I first heard her sing it was very... ah... even now it has left a deep impression on me."

2NE1tv Season2 2010
G-Dragon compliments Bom's voice
He's playing with the mouse(pad) and ballpen and kept looking down/ in the recording booth (where Bom was) while talking

”For any song, when Park Bom’s voice is added, it becomes a better song. It’s a great voice."

Infinity Challenge 2011
When Myungsoo asks GD if Bom could join them.
He was playing with his ring and he can't look at PMS directly!

"Ahh.. I don't know.."

Do you notice how GD is kinda tensed when he talks about Bom?
He also smiles too as if he's so happy whenever he talks about her :)

Observation and GIFs by: bananatoink@gbomsince2006