i dont know where to post this..i had to create an id to post this..so i am just going to post it here....so i was just waiting at the airport today, my skyline flight was late. and then a group of almost twenty people walked in . everyone turned around to see , the first person i spotted was top he was very tall and handsome. bigbang in newzealand ? ...maybe they were waiting for the next charter...i pretended not to know them , i saw seungri and taeyang walk in ....taeyang was so short ...he would reach my shoulders at the max , oh well i guess i am too tall .then i went back and sat at the chair and lo and behold i saw gdragon...i didnt know what to do ....i just sat there frozen...and pretended not to know them...he was talking to his staff and sat down two chairs away from me . then top got up and left while seungri went to get something taeyang was with his ipad. I turned and peeked at gd ...and i think he was not able to connect to airport wifi... he turned and asked maybe his manager i dont know, then later i think he was checking his mail. my plane started boarding so i had to leave...but i had to rush to the restroom and by the time i finished my job and came out gd was standing in a corner talking on the phone .... i was too shy to walk out before him so i waited till he left but he was talking on the phone ...what does bomah mean ? do you guys know?......maybe its some kind of n often used word. but then when i walked out he gave me a cool look ...i said hi but he didnt react much and later smiled and then i headed out to my flight kiosk....all in all it was my dream come true although i was a silent fan and who feigned ignorance.they have this aura and ooze with charisma is what i would say about bigbang .

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