BOM: "Because this is the first time (on the concert), I'm very nervous. Is my performance good?"

You were good, absolutely fabulous! Ah! Really too adorable! Hahahaha!

Even GD, Se7en and Teddy, who were at the concert, laughed as Bom showed her aeygo to the crowd by saying that line.

This HF included a 'Secret' section, whereby there was a line mentioning GD's actions during the performance. From leaning back on his seat, he bent forward and stretched his neck out to look when Bommie was carefully sitting on the swing. His head even appeared to be moving in the direction whereby Bommie was at when she was soaring up in the air.

(T/N: We don't know who or what HF is. Maybe the blogger ^_^)
Source: 득엔ㅌㅌ@naver + 米盐粒@weibo
Translated by: meganz21@Twitter