The Strange ‘Noona’
Park Bom was protected by her parents and sister at home. After being part of YG Family , her position has changed. As a big sister, Bommie should treat her sisters and brothers with maturity. She bought a lot of presents for her members when she was back from her vacation in America. Soon, the members are used to call her ‘Good Park Bom‘. Park Bom suffers from lymph node inflammation, which makes her face swell. In order to look better in front of camera, Yang Hyun Suk told Hwangssabu to make Park Bom lose some weight. Though Hwangssabu asked her to shout “I hate eating corn”, whenever she sees food, she forgets about it immediately! Even G-dragon, who is so busy all the time, always discovers the eating moments of Bom. Everytime Bom return from America, she gains more weight.And Hwangssabu can only sigh forher gained weight. Park Bom herself also feels strange “I can’t control myself not to eat and I am always discovered everytime I try to eat more.”
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Credits: 2NE1 Baidu + Park Bom Baidu

Translated by: Celeste + Wan @ WeLoveBom