Jiyong was first dancing like a dork alone if front of the fans on the other end of the stage, then suddenly..
Bom who was on the center stage with the rest of YG family, came up to GD!
Apparently, Bom called him to join them on the center stage.
When he realized Bom was calling him, he faced towards her and froze!
But then when Bom started to skipping towards the stage,
GD started dancing again! They're so cute ^^

Here is the full fancam:

But! Doesn't this remind you of something...
when GD called and waited for Bom and Minji during the 2010 SBS Gayo Daejun! ^_^

All GIFs are made by GBOMsince2006
Video credits: gelldy + skay512 @youtube