YG family were moving to pose for the camera, but Bom seemed like she tripped or Dara stepped on her shoe. You can see how this caught GD's attention, so he stopped and took a look at what Bom's whining about:

Here you can see he's watching Bom carefully even had his body faced towards them,

And then before GD turned his head away, Bom side eyed him and smiled cutely like "I see what you did there" LOL.

Here is what happened from another fancam showing more of GD:

This other moment happened earlier than the Bom tripping incident.
This was when they first posed for a photo.
GD quickly inserted himself beside Bom!

Which leaves poor baby Minji at the back :3

But GD being the sweet thoughtful oppa that he is, he notices it and turns his head back to Minji.

And then pushes her forward, letting her take his previous position beside Bom.

And then he just humbly poses at the back..

He put up a peace sign, but why can't he just let his arm drape around the shoulders of the girls in front of him like Se7en and the others were doing eh? Because it's Bom in front of him? ^^

And of course, here is another one!
After doing the first pose on the main stage, they walked to the center stage to take another photo!

They were walking side by side! ^^

Here is another one, taken from the side angle,

Here are the fancams:

All GIFs are made by GBOMsince2006
Cap by: g818324b@weibo
Video credits: gelldy + park77410 @Youtube