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At 0:24 you can see Bom's hand land on GD's shoulder, she removed it shortly after.
And then on the next cut, you will see Bom poking GD's cheek!
GD was posing edgy for the camera while Bom messes it up by cutely playing with his poses.
But guess what, he didn't mind it at all!
And then at 0:39 she's watching GD doing different poses, and when GD strike a pose
Bom giggles at him and started posing too! ^_^

Credits: ljyljy1022@YouTube
Here are some GIFs of Bom poking GD's cheek!


Isn't this cute? Bom is now the one starting to tease GD!
She must have been very happy to have Big Bang, especially GD, on stage again! :)

Caps by: TouchMyBomIKheelU@YGLadies, G-BOM thread
All GIFs are made by GBOMsince2006