After publishing the post we made earlier, we realized that something was off with the dialog. 
Until another Addicted watched her own 2011 YG Family Concert DVD with English subtitles, we realized that there were some mistakes with the Chinese version. Ke ke aigoo~

Now here is the official English translations from YGE and a clearer investigation ^^

In this part was when GD taking photos then in the ending part of the GIF you'll actually see Jiyong imitating how Bom was stiffly standing still..

And then as if trying to get away from GD's teasing, she used TOP as an excuse to just start the photoshoot already..

But TOP didn't ride with Bom so he wasn't trying to shrug it off by saying it was actually Bom whom everyone was waiting for. Of course Bom's the only one they're waiting for since she's still having her leg make-up done, right? Silly Bommie ke ke ke~

Based on YG's official translations, I can say that GD was actually taking a photo of Bom. Because if it was with CL and/TOP as well, shouldn't he be complaining too how they didn't even care to pause for a while?
Also, when GD was taking other other photos earlier before this moment, he wasn't complaining even if they were moving or just dazing off like Gummy.. ke ke ke

What do you think now?
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