So here is an observation posted by a Chinese Addicted on Baidu bar about GD taking photos of the other YG family members~~~!

So Jiyong was taking photos of the others, as if he's practicing to get a perfect shot..

After taking a few shots GD said to the camera:
"This is very interesting."
And then CL replied:
 "You're just like a paparazzi."

 Jiyong seemed happy after hearing what CL said then he replied while taking a look around:
"I finally understand how it's like to be a paparazzi, it's interesting."

Then on the next scene, Jiyong seemed serious taking photos again..

With that lens and angle, doesn't it seem like he's really focusing on Bom only?? Mmm.. ^^

But then he suddenly put the camera down while laughing and said:
"I'm taking photos, what are you doing?"
 With that, Bom shifted her eyes on Jiyong..

CL and TOP's conversation was interrupted too then the three just looked at Jiyong..

And then he says:
"An artists should be vigilant all the time."
Bom replied:
"TOP is here so you can start shooting/filming already."
Kind of surprised with the sudden mention of his name, TOP teasingly replied:
"You're waiting for me? Are you sure?"
 While TOP was talking, Bom was heard making camera clicks on the background. :D

Do you guys think GD was taking photos of the three or just Bom? How'd you say so?
Share your thoughts below on the comment section~
We will share the video later! So just wait a bit~

Observation and Caps by: BOMBOM糖@G-BOM Baidu Bar
Translated by: thatspringskye@Twitter