2011 YG Family Concert DVD was just released the other day!
Since we saw quite a lot of G-BOM moments from the fancams taken during the concert itself last year, I bet a lot of you were thinking there must be at least a few moments behind the scenes as well.
Well, guess what? Of course, there are! ^^

First was during the part while everyone was still getting ready for the photoshoot.
Bom was having her leg make-up done by one of the staff while GD was going around taking pictures of people.
(Sorry for the awkward GIF lol)
He was taking a photo of CL, Bom and TOP. Then suddenly, he stopped and laughed.

Apparently he said "Why are you like this? A celebrity should always be ready." (trans by: 21stbanggb@GBOMsince2006)
While Bom on the other hand, still had a poker face on while just looking at him..

And at this part you'll see TOP who looked back at Bom. Maybe Bom replied?
Let's see once the whole video is out! :D

Alright, let's move on to another one now!
Well, this isn't much but when Bom was hugging Bom who was just beside GD, he looked at her/them! Keke

Now, during the YG Family group photo.
GD and Bom were standing beside each other..

Look at this pose! Doesn't it seem as if GD was looking at Bom?
Or maybe just looking on the side to look sexy but still~

Now, the part we've all been wanting to see!
Remember the post we made before about Bom apparently poking GD's cheek during the photoshoot?
We are not sure if we just saw it wrong because of the low quality video or if this and that moment are different. In here, you'll see Bom playing around GD while he's posing! Ke ke OMG!

The cameraman even zoomed into GD and Bom during this very cute moment kekeke

Bom's is really so playful! Even when GD is trying to pose hot, she made it cute! LOL

At this part, I'm not sure if she's looking at GD or Se7en or whoever.
But either way, don't you just love looking at them standing side by side? :)

All GIFs are made by GBOMsince2006
Click them to see original size!