There is a line in G-Dragon's new song - Crayon that goes like "이리 와봐요 귀요미 네 남자친구는 지못미 / Look here cutie, your boyfriend is jimotmi*" and in 2NE1TV S2, Teddy said "박봄! 이리와 빨리 / Park Bom! Come over here, hurry!" to Bom.
Furthermore there were rumours that Bom has a boyfriend and "jimotmi” is slang and a shortened version of a phrase that translates to “I’m sorry I can’t protect you.” It’s used in context of someone’s unfortunate situation. For example: “Your situation sucks. So sorry I can’t do anything about it.”
And it is not a lie that Park Bom is a cutie.
Just a thought though! What do you think?

credits: jimotmi's meaning by forever-gdragon