G-Market just released their MV and two CF's. And I'm so happy to tell the ADDICTEDS that G-MARKET is too much full of G-BOM symbols!

First off.. the G-Market as a green color!

Which of course is Park Bom's favorite color! She is obsessed with it as she has said in her brain map before (post of the brain map).

Second of all, the red color, which is one of the three colors of G-BOM! Because of Bommie's and G-Dragon's red hair! Haven't you been noticing that both GD and Bommie have been wearing so much red lately. Matching couple, eh?

Third, GD doing Park Bom's trademark sign once again! & also Park Bom recently did her trade mark sign in 2NE1TV Season 2 Ep3. (Post here for trademark collection CAPS of G-BOM-> ONE.)

And fourth, GD's G-Market sounds like G-Bom?! He also made a G-Market hand sign.

Eveything might sound too cliche, but G-Dragon and Park Bom wears things that mean something to them so we ADDICTEDS can definitely look at this as connections ;) or be delusional, whichever you might want to call it ahah.

G-Market MV credit to GmarketZone@YT

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